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Move move out thousands and returned all

On August 28, Lee call to our hotline, the capital: "when I moved a few days ago, a Porter on my bedside table found more than more than 2000 Yuan, gave me, and I am particularly grateful to him. "
August 16, Lee found a moving company to move to the Yuhua district, Masakiyo community, when, Madam Lee and moved the company's workers are busy, my car last name young master Liu Xiucai stopped Lee, found in her bedside table and said money is not clear. Lee took out a few, there are more than 2000 Yuan. Lee told reporters that they hadn't found the money in her bedside table, she thought it was their own. "I forgot about it a long time ago, when he found the money to our family in the car below, if the master take, we don't know, so, I am particularly grateful to the teacher. "
later, Lee also called to serve in Liu Xiucai moving company, thanks to them. Lee hopes that newspaper also expressed gratitude to master Liu, she said, "it was because of the high-minded people such as chef LAU, our life becomes warm, between man and man so close to each other. ”