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Move out the old cylinder phonograph

Move public Mr Suen noticed that her family has a phonograph, the world's first generation of cylinder phonographs also comes with more than more than 10 barrels, is rare, this gathering dust for nearly a century the phonograph does play.
Sun reporters came to Kunming road home. Gramophone as a purple-red wooden box, width 35 cm, length of about 50 cm, height 40 cm. Open wood box, box of inside with Golden of pigment printing with "Edison", Sun Mr toggle box within a root metal support stick will box cover fixed live, a metal cylinder of next nail has a metal disc round, above some English, which has "USA" and "Edison Phonograph Company" words and number "SM-22655", box towards Qian side of wood Shang some hollow of pattern, open on can see a metal of Big Horn. In addition to the metal cylinder, base and fitted with a rotating cylinder of wood turning a crank.
surprise Sun is, and Gramophone together with more than more than 10 barrels, but also can play. Mr Suen said that the 1911 production of phonograph were much bigger than themselves.
according to the Science Department of the Association of science and technology, "Edison" translates to "Edison". Records, phonograph was born in 1877, by United States scientists invented by Edison in October 1887, Edison established the Edison Phonograph Company (Edison phonograph company), the phonograph has entered the market as commodities. First generation cylinder phonograph it is hard to find, and its existence is of great value to the study of world history of mechanical.