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Movers when moving stolen million of property

The morning of 18th, Xin Hua, who lives in a community she found a moving company to move to the provincial capital. In the process of moving, Ms Zhou himself with gold jewelry, cell phones, hundreds of million Yuan worth of property such as cash purse on the table in the House. However, when workers almost content to move, and she found her bag disappeared, she immediately called the police.
soon, Xinhua, Shijiazhuang 110 police arrived on the scene, but she was not found, and a worker in the Dong was gone, his cell phone turned off. According to his coworkers recalled, clutching his stomach Tung said when he moved out, everyone thought he got a stomachache, so do not care.
police initially concluded that Mr Tung has some as suspects, hezuo Road Police promptly Tung a cyber pursuit. 19th, Jiangxi Nanchang railway station police called to said Tung has been arrested in the Nanchang railway station.
yesterday afternoon, hezuo road police escorting Dong from Nam Cheong to stone. Trial, confessed to all ladies purse theft week Tung. Here, the Police reminded members of the public, when moving, valuables must be kept well.