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Moving company Ke Wu

According to reports, at present, within the urban area of Guangzhou road transport operators permit issued by the Transport Department of licensed moving and transportation companies, 30 licensed road transport permits to move the transport vehicle of 580. To February 28 of this year, through annual review 25, 406 vehicles moving and transportation companies. According to incomplete statistics, Guangzhou City, at least 30 without the approval of the relevant departments, French pheasant engaged in moving and transportation companies, disrupting moving and transportation market, violating the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
"pheasant moving company", there were the following trick,
the public should strictly guard against:
first: a guerrilla war around
yesterday afternoon, reporters in a newspaper ad and posted on the fringe of bills, chose the four moving companies, think Loch. These companies are advertisement reads: large professional lifting, moving house moving plants, professional dismantle air conditioners, and so on, but did not specify the company address, only the phone number.
calls dialed XX moving company, was a man on the phone told reporters his firm handled business license. License is normal moving company. When said they thought their company when you look at the car, he said: "no, said an address if you want, we'll start car directly. "The journalist called" XX move "calls," which documents if you do? "The reporter asked. "What documents there are. "" Can you elaborate? For example, what is? "" Well, I don't know, I just had to. "Then how do you know what documents have? "" Anyway, we are regular companies. "" Will the company address is in? "" I don't know anything of the kind. "
subsequently, the reporter called another pheasant moving company phone, the phone lady told reporters, the company dealt with a business license. But when asked where the address, the President muddled. And when a fourth company phone, whether asking license or ask a company address, the waitress had said he did not know.
industry: these pheasants moving company in the form of guerrilla operations, most only one or two vehicles, mostly scrap cars. Pheasant company appeared in the same suburban area, most contact phone number, no address. Consumers can't figure out the address of the company, once the dispute there is no channel of complaint.
II: moving hands
Guangzhou Mr Tang told reporters that the new year's Eve, he asked a moving company to move, new home sites in the binjiang road, haizhu district. Moving company sent 10 workers and a shabby-looking car, those migrants arrived, and it was dirty. Mr Deng heart murmur: this company is "Liu Jian"? But people are coming, have to make do. When goods move to board trains, Deng himself drove the car in the back. However removal of articles after the moving company employee missing signatures. Daughter has apparently also found a bookcase drawers had been prised open, immediately turned to a look inside missing from 1100 Yuan. Mr Deng was furious, and immediately to the police. After the police arrived, one of them had to go to the stolen money to pay out.
of people in the industry: as a rule, commercial road transportation and handling practitioners should possess practitioner qualification. Pheasant moving companies receiving business, temporary in the streets looking for some jobless or unemployed, hired them in moving at a very low price. As to how the quality of these people, only God knows! Normal loading personnel due to undergo training in moving and transportation companies, are familiar with the nature of the goods, it also has the package handling skills and knowledge, know how what kind of packaging, how to place the order. "Small dramatic troupes would" not understand these, so damage happens. Moreover, regular company there will be a certain amount of RMB and assets petty cash as compensation for accidents and pheasant company no.
low prices lure customers inline sources, if there is a fixed Porter, moving company moving costs over more than 100 Yuan, and many pheasants can fix moving companies often boast about thirty or forty, mostly belonging to hire Street practice of jobless migrants from rural areas. Because pheasant company itself does not have any management costs and evasion of State fees, so the cost is very low, at very low prices to compete with the regular army, of course, the loss is borne by the consumer.
fourth move: fake
of the company a few days ago, he opened in the building of the public phone claiming to be moving company posted its move. In the process of moving, Mr HO's closet door frame to draw a deep impression. Apart from Mr heartache claim on the spot. Said the head of the company's presence, we are broke, afford it. Last resort, Mr he pulled 10 Yuan, the official promised two days to deal with the matter. The next day, past the telephone went unanswered. The moving company turned out to be a "ghost". Mr HO subsequently 114 found true the company phone, and telephone that has a belly bitter. It turns out that counterfeiting in recent years the company has too much, said that company is actually the real name of the company before and after sequential write upside down, others thought it was the company.
industries are being warned, in this case, consumers must be in front of the moving company, please see the relevant documents can be found "ghost".
fifth: powder-puff
at random a lot of pheasants moving companies claim bear the transport of large objects. However, the transport sector was very strict in cargo transportation in Guangzhou, you must have the ability to load large objects as a whole actually at 20 tons and more than 100 tons of super heavy trains and accessories; and assistant engineer or above title of automobile professionals. Therefore, when choosing a moving company transporting large objects, or that old saying: look for the regular company.
special remind: Please recognize qualifications
according to the rules, moving and transportation enterprises with five or more moving and transportation vehicles, for moving and transportation, loading and unloading of personnel should also grasp the nature of the goods and knowledge and skills in packaging, handling and transport personnel certificates. In choosing when moving and transportation companies, be sure to see the traffic to the companies the Department of road transport operators permit and see whether the loading officers operating road practitioners qualification certificate (the certificate). It would also require all moving companies say they offer, ask about any claims and insurance, remember to look for experienced and fully equipped moving company to move out. Do a "moving memo" summarizing the essential steps for moving and, as long as you follow, according to the memorandum order, after each finished project tagged, so that the progress of moving at a glance.

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