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Moving in winter heating

Live journal, October 26 (reporter Wang Qinghui Cui Rongjie Zhao Guolu interns) "in our neighborhood had burned our own boiler heating, recently stopped for two years, can receive municipal pipe network, central heating? "This morning, lixia shunshan Park community residents through this newspaper asked warm hotline. Jinan thermal company says, if there is a matching network can be solved, but now have water, only to repeat in the coming year.
Yu road, Liu lived in sheepshead shunshan community today to our "ask warm line" phoned to say, residential heating two-year hiatus and would like to resolve collective heating problem, but don't know how to handle. Shunshan community a total of 5 buildings, all large enterprises and employees. Used to be the community diesel fuel boilers, scheduled in the morning, noon, night time heating, heating is not very good, the past two years, diesel price increases in a row, increase in heating costs, the boiler stops burning.
boiler after termination, and brought a lot of inconvenience to area residents. "I'm home now has more than 80 years old, moving every winter. As soon as winter, can't move. "Mr Liu said, neighbors have moved, it also uses air conditioning, but most residents had no choice but to close the doors and Windows, put on more clothes to keep out the cold.
"this certainly is not the way, children and old people who can't endure such sufferings? We should think and discuss heating company, connected to central heating, pipes and radiators are very good. The specific formalities do? "
reporters get in touch immediately with the heating company, Jinan, said if district network support, companies can help residents solve heating problem. But because the heating pipe networks are already filled with water, has been unable to work. Area residents can after April next year and the company. New central heating, residents have to pay the network fee. Heating
the provincial capital begun focus testing the waters
26th heating sector learned from the provincial capital, as the heating more winter approaching, heating sector began to water pressure test. Water filling period, the public should observe whether heating facilities in normal, unexpected and should in time for (new) hot contact.
in order to ensure the quality of heating this winter, early commencement of the water-filled town heating units. Jinan thermal power company technicians said, many new communities because it is filled with water for the first time, heating facilities, is running for the first time, prone to various paomaodilou, therefore, must stay in the water filled homes during, and to keep an eye on the radiator.