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New homes relocation moving companies to send Chinese cabbage

You have no idea, recently a lot of people on the move, will take care of moving company, "when you come to move, can you give me a cabbage, go to my new home. Move to send Chinese cabbage, what's going on here?
Miss Liu was earlier offered to moving companies to send her cabbage. Miss Liu is Nanjing, decorated in Jinling city furniture business. Liu said that more business person, chat, buy new furniture she finds married, moved to the new furniture, no matter what kind, everyone loves a Geely, get a color. To this end, Liu also specially in the rooms there is a jade cabbage, "cabbage is all financial means, is a lucky, I hear people say that. "
recently moved, she found moving company. Miss Liu likes to bargain requires moving company offers, the moving company not to make concessions. Liu made a request, "bargaining is not a pleasing color, good luck, simply send me a cabbage, outside wrapped in red paper. "Moving company manager was confused, but thought," cabbage is not valuable things, send send it. "
moved to Jiangning week accounting from Confucius Temple said," I ask moving companies when moving, offered to take the cabbage requires in the first place. Listen to others than talk now fashionable to do so, Chinese cabbage ' hundreds of Fortune ', is very good. "She of the move set off firecrackers, a worried neighbours too noisy, and second, the firecrackers of health and pollution. "The sanitation workers is not easy to get, work very hard, firecrackers add burdens to the people is not good. "Moving to a new House about lively, Geely, not necessarily set off firecrackers, personal belief, her idea is this, red paper wrapped in cabbage as Geely, written on red paper: moving through   send your full money.