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Residents move do not have to replace the second-generation card

Resident who has received the second generation of citizen ID card, when you move the account migration formalities, do not have to replace the second-generation card. District police station is responsible for updating the second generation card address recorded in the internal chip.
on November 7, the Urumqi Public Security Bureau held a news conference, the city completed work renewal of the second generation ID card, second-generation card has been handled 1.31 million people apply for 1.24 million people have for a second generation card, there are more than 140,000 employees did not apply for a new card. Generation the address on the card and the second generation of card numbers if not unified, does not affect the normal use of second-generation card, certificates will be discontinued by the end of next year, Ministry of public security, specified that the deadline for renewal of the second generation of citizen ID card by the end of 2008, there is no certification for new mass to area police station second-generation card as soon as possible.
the current second generation witnesses like the city's 67 police station collection point will not be reduced for second-generation card has not residents must go to the district police station to take pictures. Streets of second-generation card Professional Photography Studio is specifically designed for distributed certification for second generation people photography, Urumqi Office cards portrait collection must go to the public security organs.
according to Census Department statistics, certification for second generation more than more than 1.31 million people applied for just 16 years of age resident of more than 10,000 people, the youngest of the second-generation card holders only half a year old.
"citizens under 16 years old use ID frequency is limited in principle, we are not in favor of citizens below the age of 16 for the second generation card. "Household from a staff member.