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Temporary warehousing

Company has a variety of types of warehouses.
standard library: high frame warehouse, and bungalow warehouse, library outside turnover site big, special for Yu access warehouse frequently of bulk commodity of store;
thermostat library: belongs to special warehouse, can clock job; for meet some products in temperature control Shang of different requirements provides has prerequisites;
air conditioning library: provides cold fresh store service, meet you on warehouse scale and warehouse quality of different needs;
service process: both exploration (is inventory goods, and inventory locations), face to face chat- Email/phone quotes-signing the contract-goods-costs of warehousing
service features: warehouse environment good hand guards, security
service advantages: wide distribution, large storeroom, warehouse internal environment clean and tidy and is suitable for long-term storage.
services: sorting, distribution, handling, packing, unpacking inspection, labeling, bar codes;
job: can reduce turnaround time, re-delivery of the goods to final users, helping manufacturers complete the mixed order.

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